MMXIV 'Sidonia the Sorceress' by David La Spina

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24 pages, 16 plates on Mohawk Superfine, saddle-stitched. Available soon: 144 pp. companion reprint of William Meinhold's 19th Century tale of Sidonia the Sorceress.

This book is a visual account of the new phenomena experienced as a new father, a visual tale with a new worldview.

David La Spina's father-in-law, Frank Faconti a.k.a. Otto von Ruggins, a No Wave musician (Kongress, Avant Duel) found his nom de plume in the pages of William Meinhold's 19th Century tale of Sidonia the Sorceress. The collection of fables told the story of Sidonia von Borcke, a 17th Century Pomeranian noblewoman who was accused of witchcraft and became a Pomeranian legend after her execution in 1620. The book was translated by Francesca Speranza Lady Wilde and the tale was popularized throughout England and North America at the turn of the 20th Century.

In the 70's Faconti wanted to name one of his daughters Sidonia, eventually bartering permission to buy a new synthesizer to have his third daughter's middle name after Sidonia von Borcke. La Spina and Dana Sidonia Faconti later named their daughter Sidonia.

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