VOL. LV - 'Glacial Erratics' by Michael Vahrenwald and Darin Mickey

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MMXXIII — VOL. LV, 'Glacial Erratics' by Michael Vahrenwald and Darin Mickey

Glacial Erratics MMXXIII – VOL.N+XXXII is the culmination of 2 years of a photographic dialogue between photographers Darin Mickey and Michael Vahrenwald. Both photographers set the goal of photographing the same region of northern New York City, specifically the north Bronx from Kingsbridge through Riverdale, a region that is defined by a diverse cultural, economic and geological histories, setting up a sort of blind psycho-geographical exploration of a region, it’s rock formations, cultural landmarks and people. According to the rules of the game, neither photographer was allowed to see the work of the other until all photography was complete.

The photographs were compiled and sequenced, each photographer’s work is a record of long circuitous walks where parallels between the photographers eyes became unavoidable. Using the book “Cover to Cover” by artist Michael Snow as a model, the works have been interwoven into a “loop” i.e., a book which can be started from one end, read through, flipped over and the read in the other direction. The labyrinthine design is accompanied by a series of texts by Michael Vahrenwald that are accounts of local histories, landmarks and current events mixing facts and fiction.

8.25" x 6.125" book, 78 Printed pages, Smyth-Sewn paperback. Printed by Conveyor Studio.